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Unboxing iPhone X Terburuk Yang Pernah Ada!

Unboxing iPhone X Terburuk Yang Pernah Ada!
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[Lew] Face towards the product eyes, towards the lens. Okay, what do you do mouth closed yeah? How do you do it, how do you express shock without the mouth being closed? I feel like I'm constipated This is harder than it looks Okay, I'm just gonna do it because that's what we do here Hey, how's it going? Dave2D here. And I normally don't unbox things, but I'm in environments where things are unboxed Unboxy place okay iPhone 10 I did not want to do  a video in these things because I want to experience these products like a consumer It's some serious stuff But here I am unboxing these things for the world's worst iPhone 10 unboxing. Okay.

I'm just gonna crack these open and See what is up, so I actually haven't seen a single video on these things sorry Jon, sorry Lou but I Wanted to see right. I'm excited about these phones These are one of the first proper products have been like amped about since I started doing YouTube. That's the thing as a youtuber You get a lot of stuff and it's cool to get cool things But you lose that that connection with a new product the new toy that comes in you just you lose that That joy that comes with it, and I wanted to feel it again with the item content, so here. We are Space Gray black whatever they call it and white or silver now the phone I'm using right now is the essential phone and I'm a huge soccer for this phone because of the screen the Somewhat bezel was screen and Really Yeah, but there's gotta be phones that are like like those like those like Asian was like dude II know What's this one iPhone 10 Cool So how good is that unboxing you guys want to see more of this on my channel? He subscribed should I just should I just keep going going? Yeah, but come on power chapter sit down Tell me how is it done as a nun as a professional? Versus unboxer first of all first of all you need to take it down a notch because your Husband's feet I mean you're scaring people in this video and audiences as well.

UAG iPhone X Review

UAG iPhone X Review
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For years UAG has been my go to case recommendation. They provide a ton of protection while not
adding a lot of bulk and have a great tactical look thats popular with many. UAG was kind enough to send me these cases
for review and in this review well look at the four most popular models to help you
decide if its the right case to protect your iPhone X. Well dive into the specifics of each case
that make them unique in a moment but first lets look at the UAG defining characteristics
that all these cases share.

UAG cases are mil spec rated meaning they
can withstand repeated drops from four feet to all sides of the case. This is largely due to the corner skid pads. The corners of the cases are bulked up to
absorb impact without making the entire case bulky. Statistically if you drop your phone its
going to hit a corner first and these corner skid pads do a great job of transferring that
energy through the case and not into your phone.

In addition to the skid pads the cases all
feature a raised front edge to protect the screen without interfering with the edge swipe
gestures. One of my favorite features that can get overlooked
is how well the buttons work. Many cases make the buttons on your phone
feel stiff or squishy. Thats not so with UAG.

The buttons feature a slit alongside them
that makes them work almost as well as if you didnt have a case. They still click very well and are a joy to
use. The cutouts are all very precise and adequate. They feature extra material that fills the
opening making it flush with the phone.

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What does your mind tells you when hear the name iPhone X? Expensive, luxurious, cool, obsessed, want to sell your kidney? Whatever it is it wont change the condition that iPhone X. Is the most unique and expensive smartphone Apple has ever released. IPhone X is a very pocket-able and super easy-handgripping smartphone. Before, when I used the iPhone 7 Plus, then Galaxy Note 8, and now iPhone X, my pants pocket immediately feels much more spacious.

Apple successfully blend a 19.5:9 5.8-Inch screen in a 5.2 Inches body of a smartphone. If we compare it with Xiaomi Mi 6, its dimensions is almost similar. I'm sure theres more people will impress with the iPhone X design than those who doesnt. The front part is already all-screen, there is no more physical Home button and fingerprint sensor.

Only a chain of Face ID sensors to recognized your face while unlock it. But unfortunately, these sensors are placed at the top of the screen that make the iPhone X looks annoying. However, believe it or not, my annoyed sense is only last for two days. Afterwards, I get used to it and feel the enjoyment while browsing, gaming, or watching videos.

In fact it is possible that this fringe-style iPhone will be followed by Android smartphones. Another annoying thing is the design of its main camera that- again is very blatant and placed vertically on the top-left. In terms of aesthetics, it seems unappealing. IPhone X itself turns out have a quite of a bulky body, especially at the frame part.

This part is made from stainless steel, so it is more solid and sturdy. And of course it makes the iPhone X slightly feel heavy- that is  174 grams in weight. As for the physical buttons and ports, are still in the same position. The power button on the right, now have an extend in size.

Monday, April 3, 2017

NEW Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

NEW Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

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Yo Guys johnathan here, I'm excited. Hopefully you are too, and that is because it is iPhone 10 unboxing time This is it let's go so here we have the box iPhone X previewed on the outside We got that pretty pretty pretty wallpaper that notch, which maybe for better or for worse But we shall see towards the bottom with the flash out icon the camera icon and from what I understand you can access those by 3d touching and actually what might be the coolest part about this box I'm not sure if you can pick it up, but this outer part Which would be the stainless steel portion of the iPhone X on the box actually has this a little bit of like Reflective shine and it's kind of Awesome now shiny reflective box aside let's pop this open Throw that in there we got the designed by Apple in California That of course includes, I am sure The hello Quick Start Guide Little overview of the iPhone X and of course who could forget the Apple stickers as much as we love Apple stickers though That is not Why we are here we are here for the iPhone X let's pop that out This is in the 256 gigabyte silver which is a very very beautiful color I think I actually prefer this over the Space Gray. It just looks really really nice. I'm gonna Second part through and that is a really really Wow That is shiny like if you got the box with shiny This is super shiny so taking a closer look at the iPhone 10 We have an all glass back, which looks very very classic It is very shiny like I mentioned across the sides we have that stainless steel, which is very reminiscent of the iPod Classic So I'm getting some throwback vibes here.

We of course have the dual cameras What's interesting with this though is actually the telephoto lens is now stabilized unlike the iPhone 8 plus? So that is new here on the iPhone 10 so this button right here Which is formerly known as the power button is now dubbed the side? But it's elongated there are three main functions one We're gonna hold it That's gonna activate Siri, and yes, just like the Galaxy s8 has a big Z button the iPhone 10 now has a Serie B. So let's get the laughs out to we're gonna press it once It's gonna wake the phone in three Double tap that will activate Apple pay so flipping it this way we have the mute switch the volume up volume down towards the bottom Nothing new here We have the Lightning port it actually looks really nice in that stainless steel and of course No headphone jack now before I go and set up the iPhone 10 I'm gonna give you a quick rundown of the accessories. This isn't really new here. We have the USB wall brick We have the Lightning earpods and on the flip side of that is the Lightning the 3.5 Millimeter audio adapter that is in the box So unlike most Apple things you're not paying extra for this and last But not least we have the lightning cable now for the aforementioned excited people out there What would an iPhone 10 unboxing be without an iPhone 10? Giveaways so to enter it is very simple just make sure you subscribe if you haven't yet do that turn on notifications And it's not required But if you're feeling awesome make sure to drop a like down below From there one of the things I am most Interested about a setting up face ID because that is something brand new to the iPhone And it should be interesting First position your face and the camera frame then move your head in the circle to show all angles of your face get started There we go Got to my face and now I got to move my head in a circle Like I'm getting a neck stretch Stretch it out first ID scan complete move your head slowly to complete the circle.

I guess we'll go The other way and Got it So from the unlock state there are three ways to unlock the iPhone ten one we can press that side button you can see up Here that little lock icon opens up too. We can tap again look for that icon or three We have the classic raise to wake and again that icon opens up now from what I understand the quickest way to unlock the iPhone 10 would be to from the sleep states tap and then swipe up and Instantly we are in that works really well so another were inside the iPhone 10 the biggest thing of course here is the lack of? Home button so to mimic that if we actually go over to Safari Press that there's a little reminder here We're gonna swipe up and it's gonna bring us back home This is the same exact thing if you're on a different row of app swipe over Swipe up if we swipe from the top right hand side that is actually gonna Give us control center from there swipe down in the left hand corner And that is gonna give us notifications now to access multiple applications There's actually a couple of different ways to do this one We can actually swipe up and kind of give a little pause that's gonna give us all of our apps here Which we can swipe through or if we're inside an app so say we open up iTunes We can actually swipe across the bottom and that's gonna give us a run down through different apps We can swipe right swipe left, so it's kind of cool. They have a couple ways to do things now from there I gotta say the screen actually is pretty solidly bright. There's a lot of questions and concerns There was the screen gonna be bright enough We're outdoors right now, and it actually looks really good and I have any problems seeing the screen it is a beautiful looking display as far as the Resolution on the screen goes get ready for a number You are probably not gonna remember 24 36 by 11 25 classic Apple resolution nonetheless It is a great looking display from there to address a couple questions You might have with the lack of home button on the iPhone 10.

How do you access Siri? You can do that a couple ways one by holding the side button Or you can just simply say hey, Siri Tell me a joke That suck from there if you're curious how do you actually take a screenshot on your iPhone you can do that by pressing the side button and the volume up together Screenshot and last, but not least how do you power off your iPhone 10? You can do that with a side button and either the volume buttons just hold those together and you Are good to go so now it is time for probably most of you out there I've been waiting for I am excited to check it out. It is an emoji time. I am stoked to send rich a Tract monkey with my face right now it's Everywhere, I move my head. It does a crazy job tracking your face your eyebrows your eyes does it do your nose Whoa those lips you're rich.

I'll break your legs. I'll give you a kiss ma a Crazy man, holy crap from there. I'm gonna go get that full screen preview We got the robots the yellow cats from what I understand it does not track tongues, so if you're into that sorry got bad news The dog shows a tongue though in that preview though where's that tongue? Alien that does some we look at his heads popping out Ritchie scream man give me your best alien voice and then like scream put your face in there Ralphie I'm an alien what? Perfect So hours many many hours I could see potentially spent here I don't know if I would call it being wasted, but it is fun in the lesson I get as some people might hate on it, but I can add an eye that it is pretty cool just to be able to see your face being tracked on to aliens dogs a big pile of Emoji Crap we got that panda shoutout to the pixel to excel and a bunny with those teeth Hey that eyebrow from there you can actually save these into your camera roll Or if you don't want to send a video you can actually just simply send a sticker so surprise panda hold drag it over and We got a shout-out to Justine so from there I got a chance to check out the camera on the iPhone 10 dual cameras aren't new But what is new is one obviously the portrait orientation and also the actual telephoto lens on here is stabilizing Like the iPhone 8 plus, so that should give you some better performance so this shot here is mr. Brandon locking down the Camera this is with the wide angle lens hopping over to the telephoto lens you can see we don't really lose much in terms of Light so it's pretty solid jumping from one to the other got that beautiful rich smile here with that portrait mode But I was also really interested to check out portrait mode on a selfie camera because we've all seen how good the pixels 2 is So I was curious to see could this even stack up with that and initial impressions are so far.

I like it There's a little bit better of a job in terms of natural skin tones at a more softer image sometimes that pixel too is Almost over sharp, but for whatever reason the iPhone 10 seemed to hate my ears I'm not sure if I have big ears or whatever it was if I do, it's okay I can handle it insert Dumbo joke here but for whatever reason It just ended up being a little soft around my ears most of the time same thing with the hair from there though first day with the camera got some really incredible results this year, which seems to be a Super fancy fire hydrant if I zoom in Do not remove by the order of the State Fire, Marshall. I will not mess with that these shots here of this pretty Pinkish purple flower. This is what the wide-angle lens, but as we hop over to the telephoto lens I really like this one right here because there is no portrait effect that is just natural out of the camera it looks Amazing so this here It's not a crazy image or anything right here But I just love the dynamic range the sky the clouds the shadows everything is just super Visually satisfying as things started a little darker really great low-light performance This right here was actually just about sunset you can see with no portrait mode It is a beautiful beautiful shot here again hopping over to a close-up of a leaf This is the telephoto lens and again It's super sharp super detailed and overall it was a really good experience with that camera now was also just as impressive was video Like this shot in particular right here. Holy crap same thing dynamic range.

We got the sky Stabilization is on points So I am really excited to stack this up against the pixel 2 that something you guys want to see let me know over the comment down Below this was probably the biggest testament to the camera. It was right about sunset You can see one how well that stabilization works into how well everything is being held together like that Sun that glow That grass the buildings the trees This is a really really impressive video right here So now we're hopping over to the front-facing camera test as far as video quality goes with the iPhone 10 really impressed with the rear camera 4k 24 frames per second because 24 is better than 30, I'm sorry let me know what you guys think of the quality of the front-facing camera We'd love to hear what you're seeing with a comment down below I'm know if you guys want to see more pictures and photos taken from the iPhone 10 make sure you're following me on Instagram I. Will be posting a ton of stuff over there over the next week aside from that that has been my first day with the iPhone 10 Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you have any questions at all make sure you guys drop a comment down below I'll be doing a follow-up video to this so let me know what you want to see with the iPhone 10 This is Jonathan and I will catch you guys later.